Cast your minds back to 2008, difficult I know, but let's try. A year that will go down in history with momentous occasions like, the Large Hadron Collider firing it's first particle and failing to kill us all, King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck of Bhutan being crowned and who could forget when Cyprus and Malta accepted the Euro as their official currency?

Ok. So 2008 may not have been THAT interesting but musically, it had it's peaks. I still remember the first time I heard 'Girls & Boys' live and it blew my tiny little mind. When that riff invades the song you can't help but just lose yourself in head banging righteousness that still gets me giving myself severe neck ache today. It helps of course that The Subways managed to craft a gem of an indie- rock song around it. On this Thursday, be sure to throw your head back, and forth, and back again with me, as we try to forget that 2008 was 5 years ago and we suddenly all feel very old.

posted by Staff
September 2013