One of my favorite organic electronica producers - Fejká returns with more of what he does best - a mindful, yet uplifting sound that would elevate your soul.

The Stuttgart-based melodic connoisseur re-imagined Thylacine's 2022 beauty "Polar" and turned it into an upbeat fairy tale. Given the fact that both have shared numerous stages together, and their seamless synergy during performances made it inevitable for them to collaborate on a track.

Fejká builds this new "Polar" universe by looping Thylacine’s original groovy synth melody and vocals and extending the energy with 2+ minutes, adding a progressive feel to the whole thing. He describes his creation like "sunlight beaming through a wall of clouds. It’s shining through a hole that gets bigger and bigger." Personally, I couldn't agree more.

Nothing beats a well-crafted build-up and a perfectly placed climax. This remix is the energy pill we all need today.

posted by Ivo
May 2023