Ahead of their album release, Icarus have unleashed their latest sonic gem, "Every Part Of You". This one's a beauty! It's the fourth single from their upcoming Changes LP which is all set to hit us on October 27th via their very own Fly Boy Records.

You might remember their recent tracks, "Draw The Line", "Dominoes", and "Catch Your Breath" where they dished out some serious club bangers. But "Every Part Of You" swings in a different direction. It's like a musical homecoming, back to that signature "Icarus sound" we've all fallen in love with.

Now, what's so special about this track? It's all in the layers - pulsing synths, delicate atmospheres, and melodies that dance gracefully between the lines, but the real star here is Julia Church, a singer-songwriter whose vocals soar high above. Her voice carries you through a whirlwind of emotions.

"Every Part Of You" is a little slice of electronic heaven, and it's a sign of the emotive journey that Changes promises to be. So, before the album officially drops, make sure to pre-save it here.

posted by Boris
October 2023