I'm seeing BICEP next week live and have been warming up with all of their music and a few other related acts. One of those acts is UK duo TIBASKO who had an outstanding 2022 including support by Jack Saunders on BBC Radio 1, Radio 1’s Essential Mix, Pete Tong, DJ Mag, and MixMag.

As always, Ken and Andy deliver flawless electronic experiences. Their new single "Hawt" dropped on November 18th and is nothing short of a genre-bending club cut. Written and recorded in the span of just one afternoon, 'Hawt' is a worthy successor of the duo's acclaimed debut EP released earlier this year.

I am in awe of their endless creativity - it feels like they were on fire this year and each of their singles is spot-on. In between dancing around, if you listen carefully you'll pick a slight 90s and 00s influence on the track, something confirmed by the duo.

They share, "Hawt was written on our recent debut US tour and we felt inspired by various sounds that we’ve been hammering throughout our time in there and throughout the festival season. We decided to spend a few days in LA in between shows to really get our heads down and finish some ideas we were sitting on. It's pretty rare for us to finish tracks in one afternoon but creating 'Hawt' felt so natural - all the pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly in just a few hours.

We couldn't believe what we'd come up with, so much so that we knew that we had to get it out before the end of 2022. After releasing our 7 track ’Tibasko’ EP which showcased all the different aspects of our production, ranging from our more left-field tastes to electronica and techno influences, we wanted to make something that was going to lift people up on dance floors whilst bringing a little 00s nostalgia."

posted by Ivo
2 weeks ago