1 more day and the new Tom Misch album Geography will be out in the real world. I've been waiting for this release for quite some time now, so levels of excitements are pretty high.

It's Easter tomorrow (at least here in Bulgaria) and the holiday mood is slowly building up, it's time to celebrate the 42th and 30th posts dedicated on mr. Misch and D.C.'s GoldLink. Pretty much the dopest combo that could exist out there.

In case you wonder what inspired "Lost In Paris", well... it's a harddrive. A hardrive Tom Misch had lost in France. Actually the whole story, shared by the UK beat-maker and multi-instrumentalist is:

The song is actually about a hard drive that I lost in Paris. You’d presume it was about a boy or girl but no, it’s actually about a memory stick I’d lost that had a lot of new music on it. I got it back, I’d left it in my hotel room, and wrote a song about it. 

I gotta say I had a laugh when I read this. Back on the track - GoldLink's verse kicks in absolutely flawlessly and is a good reminder why the dude is pretty much my favourite rapper right now.

I know that I need you now

The key that I won't forget

You're lost in Paris

I hope you warm and safe

The memory I can't replace

posted by Ivo
April 2018