Tomike is on fire!

We first discovered the Irish singer back in 2021 thanks to her song "It's Like" and she's been evolving and experimenting ever since. With roots in r&b and soul music, her latest track "A Good Time" is a step towards a whole new direction. Bringing elements of d&b, breakbeat, jungle, and UKG the song is a power-up bite for everyone looking to have a good time.

This is for my people tryna get by
'Cause we're in this shit together, it's a hard life
No more stressing 'bout our feelings when the sun shines

"This song was written from a place of trying to find a silver lining when you’re going through hardships", she elaborates on Instagram. Best way to view things.

I respect how easily she can swing between different vibes and her versatility as an artist. Also, mad props to Jens Højager and Rory Sweeney helped her produce this gem. Instant happiness awaits you after that play button.

posted by Ivo
last month