Chaz Bundick, better known by his stage name Toro Y Moi, one of the hottest names into the underground pop/chillwave scene nowadays, just released this special single called "Campo" during the promotional tour of his his third album Anything In Return.

The mix between the smooth bass line and the elegant picked riff, immerse us into an elegant and warm ambiance that follows through the whole track. Among soft beats and enveloping percussions there is this game between the electronic synthesizer and the piano leading to this dreamlike tropical sunset within a perfect soul taste.

The voice flows in a perfect symbiosis of the elegant and classy that is not without a certain melancholy. I could not imagine a better song to revive this kind of “Mad Men’s sexy style”. It’s a song for a smoky and shadowy bar, where you can watch without being watched. Where you can be on your own, surrounded by everybody.

A little gem for his fans and a good example of his virtues for those who still don’t know this rising artist.

posted by Ivo
October 2013