Our love for Tourist's spacious electronic sound dates back all the way to website's early days. William has been one of the most active artists in the modern day electronic scene and the fact that he's dropping his 2nd album this year speaks of his passion and creativity level.

Excited to share with you "Wild" - album's title track. If you are looking for that perfect balance between dance and chill, then the UK producer has got you covered. The emotive piano lines paired up with those aerial vocal samples give the whole composition this lonesome feeling and while this could be a dancefloor soundtrack, you can also easily just lost in your own world guided by the sonic experience which William calls "Wild". Absolutely staggering.

When it comes to the album (released via Monday Records), Tourist shares...

"With this new album Wild I wanted to fully embrace my instinctual tendencies as a musician. I’ve tried to set aside my self doubts and share as much music as possible this year, there have been moments when I’ve been far more secretive of my output but it’s been incredibly liberating to keep my fans in the loop in a way that I’ve never done previously."

posted by Ivo
October 2019