Get ready for a sonic journey as Tristan De Liege and NoKillShelter unveil a gem that's stealing the spotlight on Emancipator's renowned imprint, Loci Records, featured in the label's fourth official compilation - Season Four. The compilation itself, curated by Emancipator, is a testament to the label's commitment to delivering a diverse yet cohesive musical experience. From Verdance and PALLADIAN to Murge and even the label boss Emancipator, each artist contributes a unique piece to the intricate mosaic of Season Four Compilation.

But let's talk about "Motifs". The standout track captures the essence of the Season Four Compilation, bringing together a fusion of lively organic elements. Tristan De Liege and NoKillShelter weave a spellbinding narrative, using instruments like the thumb piano and nostalgic pads to create a driving, uplifting theme and mood.

So, dive into "Motifs" let the thumb piano guide you, and soak in the vibes. The whole compilation is ready and waiting for you to hit play. Enjoy the ride!

posted by Boris
November 2023