It's February 28th - the day Tycho's long-awaited album Simulcast saw daylight. Released via Mom+Pop and Ninja Tune, the 8 track release lives on the crossing section of ambient, instrumental-driven downtempo music and transcendental space sounds.... if that makes any sense at all.

Simulcast comes not so long after band's Grammy-nominated vocally-driven album Weather and if you look closely, you'll find a few cross-over tracks. In an interview for KCRW, Scott shares...

My whole career, I always wanted to make a vocal record, so once I had done that, it felt like, now, I’m free of that goal. It was basically about distilling those ideas [that inspired Weather] and figuring out what those mean at the core to me and how I can translate those into this other language on Simulcast.

For this record it was surfing and being in the water, being up early and reconnecting with nature on a daily basis. I think it’s hard in a city especially when you spend so much time interacting with technology and machines… That’s all Tycho is to me, is trying to translate the feeling you get when you’re in nature into music.

I'm currently in my home country Bulgaria. Sun is out, sky is blue and the peak of the nearest mountain feels like at arms reach. Simulcast's 2nd track "Alright" couldn't be a better fit for this ambiance. Plus a damn reason to smile today.

posted by Ivo
February 2020