Before anything, can we have a Ghostly festival, please?

OK, now that this is out of the way, do you remember Tycho's Awake remixes album? Yeah, that selection of awesome new versions including Beacon's take on their song "See". Fun fact - that was actually the very first time ever a Tycho song featured vocals.

Flash forward to nowadays. The guys released a new version of the track where "remixed by Beacon" is substituted by "featuring Beacon". Needless to say - sounds pretty awesome.

Here's the backstory from the band's SoundCloud:

The story of "See" is metamorphic. The track emerged instrumentally — as per Tycho’s characteristic output — on the 2014 LP Awake. Months later it was remixed into a bubbling pop song by New York duo Beacon.

2017 brought the next phase, as Beacon’s Thomas Mullarney III joined Tycho at Coachella to perform "See" (the first time the band has ever featured a vocalist). Now “See” has reached its final stage, re-recorded as a proper collaboration.

Tycho touchstones abound, swirling melodies, stuttering percussion, lifted by a voice in flight.

It's an extraordinary day for music.

posted by Ivo
June 2017