“Letters” is a gentle reminder to immerse yourself inwards. Talent duo ultmt. and Devon Rea has skillfully molded an ambient instrumental that guides you through a chillhop story of present-moment beauty. All too often we are prompted to live in the now, which is of course always easier said than done, but more importantly - a baffling concept in the midst of a thunderstorm. In such moments, it’s best for one to rely on music to hear the unspoken, to succumb to the void of time and space.

So, if you have a couple of moments and seek to ground yourself in reality, rather than escape it, play yourself this meditative track. It takes the weight off your shoulders, carries you to unspecified nature space, and lets your mind roam free.  

Are you hooked? Check out the other two tracks from this new collaborative EP - "Here Now" and "Further".

posted by Hristina
December 2020