Not gonna lie, this is one of the most beautiful pieces I've heard and I'm stoked we're getting to release it.

The full Tear Dance album is here and it dropped today, on v i v's 30th birthday.

The intimate 8-piece journey tells the stories the artist learned so far - while battling self-doubt, anxiety, and insomnia - and turning them into beautiful chillhop, soaked with strings, piano, and guitars.

A prime example is "Time", featuring another artist we've released with - fnonose. Built around ambient soundscapes, this gentle track will help you take all the time you need.

The music of v i v (they/them) is a shuttle for your mind to a state of complete zen. Ultimately, the album you are experiencing is about personal self-acceptance. Tear Dance goes beyond the realm of v i v’s struggles.

You need to have “Patience” with yourself to understand the “Essence” of life and go through its “Cadence”. That’s why those three songs are placed in that manner in the album, as intro, midtro, and outro. v i v shares:

This album is the truest form of my music. It’s a piece of my heart and soul; it’s my truth. The songs depict my life-long struggles with anxiety, depression, and insecurities when I was younger, dreaming to become a musician but not having the confidence and belief that I was good enough, and then finally learning to be grateful for them and see those memories and feelings as indispensable parts of my life; They make me who I am today. I wanted to pour all those emotions and feelings into this album. I want to show that you can turn pain and sadness into something beautiful. After all, isn’t that what life is all about? This is why, most of the songs have a hint of melancholy to them, but are disguised by beautiful, elegant sounds, melodies, and arrangement.

Make sure to give Tear Dance a proper listen, you'll be mesmerized: · v i v - Tear Dance
posted by Nasko
October 2021