So after what seems like months of waiting around for Vallis Alps to kick out a follow up to their acclaimed self-titled debut EP, REJOICE! we finally have something to shout about - well kind of.

This week the guys treated us to not one but three pieces of fresh news to keep us going through the winter months.

Firstly, we saw the re-worked release of "Young" in the form of Brisbane's Triple J Unearthed in 2015 winner FEKI. Fans of Ta-Ku or Flume should take note and get to grips with one of Australia's hottest production talents.

Secondly, we saw VA take an unusual but welcome step by releasing all stems from their debut EP. You can grab the stems for all tracks right here & if you want to read more about exactly why VA are choosing to lead the way in "transparent, collaborative recording", have a read of the accompanying notes included within the stems.

Finally the guys announced their first ever set of tour dates for the U.S - you can & definitely should grab tickets right here.

Genius all round!

posted by Staff
February 2016