I've been staring at the screen in an awe of what I've heard. Vandelux is back with something out of this world and honestly - this is what I call versatility. We've been fans of him for years now, but this is something new. In just 3 minutes the Luxembourg-born producer fits the tons of worldwide genres. Bass, future bass, tribal dance, funk and of course Baka - the music of the Baka people who come from the southwestern Central African Republic. This song is a sonic fist of awesomeness and a perfect track to plug in an open-air set.

If this is the first time you hear this type of traditional music,

The Baka music is based on repetitive melody and rhythm, with little variations and a lot of improvisation. Music and dance are important to them. It is done to prepare for a hunt or show a skill. Music is also used in daily life for healing rituals, initiation rituals, traditional stories, group names, and entertainment. Dance and music help bring groups together. This helps people to become friends while they share their survival techniques

"Baka" came out last week and is the first single of his upcoming EP, so definitely stay tuned for more.

posted by Ivo
April 2021