We don't do vocal releases very often, but when we do they kick ass. After making more than 100k on his debut single "Ritual Two", today we're excited to share with you Verdance's "Rothko" - the title track of his upcoming Stereofox Records release.

Besides Jake's lush downtempo electronica, what makes this release truly unique is Oli Hannaford and his brilliant vocal performance and lyricism.

Rothko is about trying to comfort someone whilst not being comfortable yourself. Putting on a brave face to put someone you love at ease isn’t an easy thing, and often shouldn’t be celebrated.

Stream "Rothko" on all major platforms here. The 5-track EP is scheduled for a release on Dec 7th. Stay tuned for more!

(Won’t you hold me, please absolve me, reload my gun and fire, do you see me, can you be me?)
And I had a sleepless night, but I hope that you slept fine.
And the wake of the tide woke me.

posted by Ivo
November 2020