Get ready for some tribal IDM / Electronica waves coming your way, thanks to Verdance's 2nd Unison single - "Tongue".

Fun fact, recently I watched a video on IDM - the genre with best music and worst name (Intelligent Dance Music), and I realized the I is actually coming from Artificial Intelligence. Yeah, that aside - the Verdance journey is nothing short than beautiful and diverse. With this new EP, the producer is expanding on his sound and takes a strong stand in the midst of the world’s division. Unision is Jake’s personal message to everyone out there feeling lost, alone, or unheard. The 6 tracks explore various motifs with one end goal – to spread unity and hope.

I am also happy to share that Austin Kramer shared it on his UNreleased #29 show!

Stream on all major platforms here.

posted by Ivo
November 2021