Remember "JAM" - the Kllo-like, genre-defying gem from US singer Vessna Scheff?

Well, today, she's back with a new gem which takes things to the next level. "SLIDE" is a song about that person who simply melts you & is woven with tribal rhythms, spacey synths, and tasteful backvocal processing. Vessna shares about the production by her long-time collaborator Lee Clarke, “The use of the synth and remixed vocals as part of the composition of the chorus give it an emotive, charged, mid-breath energy that drops you onto the dance floor or out on rink with your crush.”

The song also features the amazing Ivy Sole with an outstanding verse with both rapping & singing, perfectly bridging the other elements of the song & Vessna's storytelling.

Both singles will be part of her upcoming album, Never Mind the Moon - a conceptual project about a dreamscape that takes place throughout a night at the roller-skating rink - where "SLIDE" perfectly fits in, narrative-wise.

posted by Nasko
last month