The kind of melancholy Victoria Finehout-Virgil taps into on her latest single “Swallow” slowly seduces the listener with her silky smooth vocals and stellar songwriting.

Together, these are the two elements that had me hooked to each word uttered by this enchantress. Her delivery saunters a fine line between haunting and comforting, and I believe it’s precisely this mixture of emotions that brings Victoria’s lyricism to life. The backdrop is adorned with angelic harmonies that are so distant that the reverb can be heard, and its presence beautifully accentuates key moments in the track.

I can’t neglect to mention the shimmer of the guitar arrangements that guide the progression and compliment the eerie feel of the track. Towards the end, keys and atmospheric pads slip into the mix to heighten the emotion for quite a dramatic finish.

posted by Lu
August 2022