Writing about music is difficult. Writing about tracks like “Papillon de Nuit” is twice as difficult.

“Papillon de Nuit” is the second track off Viktor Benev’s LP debut Motions in Circuits. What the music offers is definitely not everybody’s cup of tea, and I say this with sincere unpompousness. And indeed, the same can be said about every other composition that relies on atmosphere and nuance instead of catchiness and groove.

The track is four-and-a-half-minute meditation that Viktor himself describes as “electro-acoustic.” Personally, I find some utterly delightful throwbacks to Brian Eno and Aphex Twin’s mellow ambient works, but reimagined in Viktor’s own way and polished with his own artistic touch.

What’s most impressive is how the track progresses and actually builds up to something, instead of being a static background music for nearly five minutes (a trap in which a lot of “experimental” and “ambient” artists generally tend to fall into). Of course, you shouldn’t expect roaring crescendo with horns, drums and an amalgam of cacophonic noises. Not in this case. Instead, you have much more nuanced approach in terms of movement. It’s one that carries you away slowly, swaying and unobtrusive.

posted by Dimitar
March 2021