The latest track titled 'Fibromyalgia' by Swedish group ViVii literally crashed on our eardrums like a wave of joy. Throughout the 4 minutes you’re bound to have a smile plastered across your face due to the cheerful nature of this track.  Although, what really comes as a surprise is the paradox between the backstory and the mood that is supplied to us on "Fibromyalgia".

At first I thought the track title was one of those long Swedish words, it turns out that it’s actually a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body. Accompanied by the words “God knows, I don’t wanna waste my time”, it seems as the person in the band who was diagnosed with this condition uses this song as a sonic canvas to express their attitude about life and the reaction to the diagnoses. If you closely listen to the lyrics, you’ll easily pick up that the reaction is quite a positive one. To my ears 'Fibromyalgia’ sounds like Of Monsters Of Men meets the dreamy textures of Beach House. You’d be doing your well being a favor by having this on repeat throughout the day; I just can’t imagine grey clouds hanging over anybody’s head with this playing in the background.

posted by Lu
April 2019