If you're fans of Emmavie, I'm sure you remember her "Starter Jacket" and the amazing feature of emerging US rapper Wakai.

Well, he's back in our feed with another hazy tune, together with Flozigg & femdot. "Collect Calls" blends mellow flows & warm vocals on top of jazzy keys, cosmic synths & rich percussion section - an absolute trip down storytelling lane.

As he explained to The FADER, “To heal it must come from a spiritual place, and most times in my life I’ve felt this source to a higher power almost resembles a call. Like my uncle in prison, I find myself calling to that higher source frequently, sometimes a response comes, and sometimes it doesn’t. But the strength comes from having the courage to still keep calling.”

Immerse yourself in the official music video, directed by Wakai himself - it's gorgeous:

posted by Nasko
May 2023