Indisputably one of most exciting artists coming out of the south, Baton Rouge, Louisiana native Wakai is earning respect from those who inspire him while also creating a compelling sound of his own. Growing up close to his family, the rapper found early inspiration from his father's personal collection of music, including artists like OutKast, Erykah Badu, Earth, Wild & Fire, and many more. From a young age the artist was always tinkering with instruments and sound equipment and regularly showed an affinity towards the arts at a young age. Now later in his life at 21-years-old, Wakai is a DIY aficionado and has a natural talent for creating makeshift studios, recording anytime, anywhere. 
 Due to his BR upbringing, Wakai has always wanted to nurture a new sound from the city that didn’t sound like his mainstream predecessors. He seeks to combine verbose southern rap with the ambience and groove of neo-soul R&B. Strongly preferring working with trained musicians and live bands has helped him stand out with sound and stage presence. Although his music has always been a dominant form of creative expression, it’s not the only route he chooses to explore. Pursuing fashion, film, acting and music has led him to working heavily with Baton Rouge collective, Col-Der-Sac. Wakai is pure, moves organically, and although has many aspirations to spread his wings and has very high ceilings, a part of him will always stay grassroots.