Martin Zimmer Wold, known as wobble, is a versatile artist and music producer hailing from Oslo, Norway. His sonic palette ranges from deep-hitting electronic compositions to introspective melodic arrangements.

Presenting his latest creation "august", wobble crafts a harmonious fusion of ambient electronica, chill beats, and evocative jazz elements. The gentle resonance of piano keys intertwines with entrancing synths, creating a spacious auditory landscape.

Imagine this: you're chilling on a massive beach, the kind that seems to stretch forever, and it's just you, the sea, and the rhythm of the waves. That's what the track feels like – a calming dance of balance and peace orchestrated by Mother Nature herself.

I bet you're wondering why it's called "august" right? Well, it's like the track has captured the essence of this laid-back summer month. It's the sound of sunshine meeting reflection, and you can practically hear the lazy days passing by.

If August had a theme song, wobble's "august" would be it.

posted by Boris
August 2023