Welcome to the world of psychedelic hip-hop. If you dig acts like Chinese Man or Seeed, this will certainly end up on your playlists.

Experience the profound resonance of "Blueprint", the latest track by Italian producer Woxow who I recently introduced to you thanks to "Solid As A Rock". The song features the soulful vocals and lyrics of Raashan Ahmad, which feel like a trip back in time. In this soundscape, Raashan Ahmad moves like a dowser in search of the primordial rhythm, enlightened by the knowledge of the ancestors to reconnect the spirit of music with its truest and most ancient being.

The perfect balance between the beat's energy and Raashan's impeccable delivery will guide your soul to a new level of musical sensation. I found myself vibing to this for hours.

This single is part of Woxow's EP How Many Ancestors Do We Have? scheduled for release by the Vienna-based label Little Beat More.

posted by Ivo
May 2023