Right in the midst of spring, we're blessed with warmth, green fields and blooming trees.

The peculiar Japanese producer yuhei miura delivers his first Stereofox Records release - a 2-track chillhop/jazzhop EP called Afternoon in Akagi that will transport you in the middle of the nature park next to his hometown Maebashi.

In the leading track "Cherry Blossom" the smooth beats meet the slick guitars by the renowned Tokyo guitarist Kazuki Isogai. Yuhei elaborates:

I knew Kazuki Isogai from before and I really loved that guitar melody when I heard it on his Instagram. I live in a place surrounded by nature, so I added birds singing, recorded with an iPhone to make them sound more natural. This is how “Cherry Blossom” was born.

“Azalea Hills” is inspired by the colourful flower fields in the Akagi Nature Park.

Hope I relax you with those songs.

The second track finds the Japanese producer's distinctive use of chopped sax melodies and Rhodes piano for an amazing jazzhop experience:

posted by Nasko
May 2020