You might already heard/read that we just released our new project (to be more precise - 7th in a row) with the astonishing Japanese producers yuhei miura & Kazuki Isogai - a true guitar God. I am not gonna lie to ya by saying that this is one of my top favorite albums for 2022.

These two gents really know their craft - the entire Equilibrium EP is full of colorful instrumentation, top-level musicianship & artistic creativeness. It perfectly blends jazzhop, lofi and chillhop all in one, like a box of different sweets with one specific ingredient that unites them.

The title track “Equilibrium (Just To See You)” will simultaneously melt & uplift you with its heartwarming blend of slick guitars, chill beats & hazy vocal samples.

BTW, seven is a good number, but I can assure you that the Japanese duo is just warming up here.

Experience the full EP here.

P.S - you can check our coverage for "Daygrooves" & "Sun Flares". Peace.

posted by Boris
September 2022