Serving as a beautifully positive ending of the musical story of Samidare EP, “Niji” (meaning rainbow) concludes the rain-themed release with some bright neo-soul guitar phrases. Soft vocal samples and chilled mellow drums pulse gently while the jazzy guitar harmonies dance on top of the soundscape, making "Niji" the perfect companion for a warm past-rain afternoon!

Titled as the Japanese word for “rain in May”, Samidare is a concept EP, encapsulating the misty lush nature of Japan’s most beautiful time of the year. With soulful guitars, hazy atmospheres, and soft drums, yuhei miura & Kazuki Isogai will take you on a sonic journey through the rain, exploring the beauty of the season’s nuances.

This is their 3rd collaborative release via Stereofox Records, so after their Better Days EP (with one of the tracks "Hope" sitting at 1.2M plays on Spotify as of now), we're really excited for this beautiful release! You can stream Samidare EP everywhere now! · yuhei miura & Kazuki Isogai - Samidare EP
posted by Chris
June 2021