The following song is a collaborative project between two artistic entities divided by an ocean, whilst intrinsically connected in their mission - healing. Zoë is an LA based, Twitter proclaimed poetess with a deep understanding for the ever growing issues surrounding self love, environment, alienation; and Be Softly - a Bristol based collective and label which works to set poetry to music.

They present a collaborative album "Unfinished Apology Letters" which started 2 years ago through social media, namely Twitter. Poems were exchanged, ideas were shared, and two people became friends, giving birth to a compassionate collaboration helping people with mental health around the world. The spoken words in "water molecules" are tender, smart and make you speak the inner talk out loud.

Unfinished Apology Letters is about trying and failing and sometimes just not knowing what to do to help the ones you love most. But it's also about the healing power of art and the joy that accompanies collaboration. It represents the solace we can find in the people who believe in us.

Zoë and Be Softly donate 100% of the proceeds of this album to charities specializing in opioid addiction, and mental health.

posted by Staff
December 2018