After treating fans to acoustic renditions of classics like "Money", "The Truth", and "The List", Moonchild released their highly-anticipated acoustic Reflections EP - a soulful journey through their discography.

"Back To Me" as part of the new EP, is a reimagined version of a cult favorite from their 2012 debut album Be Free. The new reimagining of “Back To Me” demonstrates how the band has refined their sound with every release over the past decade while still keeping their jazz-inflected soul and groove-heavy production, that introduced the band to the world, to their core.

Talking about the new acoustic re-imaginings, Max Bryk from the West Coast trio adds: “Reflections, an EP covering our older songs, naturally shows some of our growth as musicians over the last 10 years. Amber’s vocals, in particular, are a fantastic example of that. A more subtle example of growth is our musical maturity and restraint. Leaving space for the music to breathe. I think that’s the main reason we created this new project, and we are excited to share Reflections with our fans.”

Inspired by the band’s iconic Tiny Desk performance, the Reflections EP project sees the band reimagine and revisit old songs from across their career, including some of the trio’s biggest hits. An essential collection for all Moonchild fans.

Released via Thru Thoughts Records, Reflections is available on black and limited edition mint vinyl, as well as CD. Get yourself a copy here.

posted by Boris
November 2023