Woke up late today and planning to have the chillest weekend ever. After insanely busy work week and a rare party evening, it's time to do nothing and browse the Internet for new music while enjoying the bad weather outside.

[zoethecat]'s "treetops" came in my life in the perfect moment and I can't think of a better soundtrack to my mood at the moment. A beautiful blend of chill out, ambient and downtempo, this composition created by the Canada-based producer is going to lift you up and take you on a mindful journey through guitar licks and spacious piano keys.

"Music is around us all the time – all we have to do is listen. I spent some time a while back visiting my friends' cottage in Northern Ontario. While I was there, I fell in love with the chorus of birds I’d hear every morning. Luckily I'd brought my portable audio recorder with me. I got up ridiculously early one morning and spent an hour recording the birds. “treetops” is my tribute to those birds. I tried to make a song that was as flowing and free as the bird calls in the treetops. I hope the song takes you to a peaceful retreat.", shares Michael.

posted by Ivo
September 2022