In times where electronic music is facing evolution deep into obscure subgenres, some electronic musicians are keeping it away from the decks.

From tracks like "Richest Man in Town", we gained a refined understanding of how electronic music progressively integrates itself into the acoustic world. This track balances spacey synth work with the bluesy guitar licks our soul needs, while throwing in a tasteful hybrid percussion sound.  Zoogma is a full live electronic band made of four members. There are two guitarists, a drummer, and a bassist with two of them doing controlling synthesizers and two of them doing live MIDI sequencing on stage.

There's an entire movement of musicians who have been playing in both worlds and the list is actually quite exhaustive. Some of the greats, like Pretty Lights, have a full live band going, while up-and-coming group Sunsquabi is delivering fresh sounds regularly. That means there's an abundance of musicians manipulating the seemingly limitless variables behind both production styles... this is a satisfying fact, indeed.

The song "Richest Man in Town" is off of Zoogma's album A Future in Blue available for purchase from the link up top!

posted by Mike
September 2017