Here’s yet another terrific collaboration between Manchester’s producer glue70 and artist ZULA (aka Xenya Genovese, aka Freak Slug). “Winter Blues” is the epitome of dense, clammy fog setting down an autumn hillside. Yet, unlike seasons changing IRL, the weather of the track goes from fall orange to winter blue in the first 35 seconds.

Melodious and inherently assertive, ZULA’s penetrative vocals bear an undeniable sense of disappointment and endings; then, there’s glue70’s glitchy lo-fi beats that are the propellant to this vaporwave winter flower.

Here’s what the artists say about the inspiration behind the track:

Forged in the small hours following big nights, the quiet hours of cocooned downtime, and amongst the lived hours spent soaking up inspiration from their home city, ZULAis a project born of experimental experiences. Listen for sugar-sweet vocals whispering 5am epiphanies over an inimitably glue70beat: it’s all glitches and switches with space and breaks - every element considered, crafted and curated

posted by Hristina
November 2020