A key ingredient to a groovy Friday is a track by Adi Oasis. The French-Caribbean singer, songwriter, and bassist grants us yet another re-imagined version of her 2023 LP Lotus Glow.

After "Serena" and "Dumpalltheguns", this time Adi and legendary Latin Grammy-nominated Brazilian singer Luedji Luna breathe new life into "Multiply". The track shines a light on everything about being a woman, from the happiness of motherhood to the deep feelings of femininity. In this special new version of the song, the 2 talented artists combined efforts to fill the song with heartfelt lyrics and captivating singing, celebrating how women all over the world are connected.

This fills my soul with joy. The 70s soul feeling, wobbly bass, and of course 2 otherworldly voices. Music is love.

This collaboration is a significant milestone for Adi Oasis, who expresses her admiration for Luna, stating, "I feel very connected to my fans in Brazil, and Luedji is one of my favorite artists on the current Brazilian scene. She has an extraordinary voice, and it’s a true honor to have her on my song."

Luna reciprocates the sentiment, expressing her gratitude for being a part of the project, stating, "It is such an honor for me to be part of this project. Adi is an amazing, multi-talented artist who inspires me. Also, as a mother, it's beautiful to see her potential as a woman, mother, and artist."

posted by Ivo
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