Adi Oasis had an outstanding 2023. The French-Caribbean singer, songwriter, and bassist released her outstanding sophomore album Lotus Glow (which made it on our top 100 album picks) and received praise from the likes of BBC Radio, COLORS, and Rolling Stone. A wonderful and pivotal release in her career. It's impossible to not be excited about her art and what's ahead.

Speaking of Lotus Glow, Adi is preparing to release a deluxe version of it this year and today we get to be amongst the first to experience a new version of her song "Serena" - this time featuring British singer/producer Samm Henshaw. Kicking off with a set of playful horns, the song is an instant travel back in time to careless times. Named (or inspired) by the legendary Serena Williams, the song celebrates the power of influential women around us.

It seems it's a great week for psychedelic-infused music (check our music feed), and "Serene" sounds like the crown jewel.

Also, we had the pleasure of interviewing Adi Oasis just after she dropped her ground-breaking self-titled record in 2021, in case you want to find out more about the talented multi-instrumentalist.

posted by Ivo
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