posted by Ivo
April 2014

I won't hide - me and Alethia have a huge weakspot for Conner Youngblood's music. When it comes to genre blending, this guy is a watermark in the scene nowadays. Imagine a melting pot full of chillwave soudscapes, hip hoppy beats and acoustic folktronics. Well, that's how his new EP Confidence feels like and I'm pretty sure it would be my next music obsession!

After featuring the title track off the EP a few months ago, I had the chance to talk with him about upcoming plans and a possible interview for the Fox. The dude is uber nice and from what I've read on the Internet he's one of those DIY artists who put everything aside for the sake of music.

Clocking at 14:48, the EP feels like a short, but very epic journey inside the head of the multi-instrumentalist. I strongly recommend playing the tracks in the sequence they are released. Despite the fact that they can easily be stand-along songs, I enjoy the feeling of completeness. That being said, "Heaviness" is my personal highlight on Confidence. Then again, that's just me.

conner youngblood