posted by Staff
February 2016

When I first started discussions with Mr.Stereofox about contributing to our unique site, one thing became clear - "if you love music & you're particularly passionate about new music, share it, don't complicate it".

The first time I listened to Easy Kill, I promptly sent a message back to HQ, simply stating that my work here was done.

OK, so I'm a part-time music hobbiest, what credentials does that give me, right? Well, as a music lover, contributing to a site of music lovers who collectively get through 100's of new tracks each day, the fact that we have now featured this band 3 times over the last couple of weeks should tell you all you need to know.

After getting hold of Easy Kill's sophomore EP Sermons and pressing play (albeit with some degree of trepidation because of the quality of what has come before), I can honestly say that I will still be listening to this record in years to come - it's a work of pure, unadulterated genius.

If you are not won over by lead track "Not Even Lovers", there's not a lot that I'm going to able to do for you so you should move on at this point. If like me you're hooked by the opening bars, settle in, you're in for a treat - especially with second track "Samson" which is just the epitome of everything that is great about this band and the emotions their sound can generate.

Understated, emotive alt-rock, bred in a city that musically has given so much, which currently seems to be on pause, Easy Kill are exactly what Manc natives have been crying out for since Fray left Trof for the MEN.

Sermons is released on Friday and you've still got chance to head down & catch the guys at one of the UK's finest intimate gig venue's for the official EP launch. Tickets for Friday's gig at The Deaf Institute are available here.