posted by Staff
January 2013

Odesza is the the teaming up of Seattle-based production duo, Catacombkid and Beaches Beaches. Towards the end of 2012, after graduating college, the pair came together to create Odesza, and spent the summer creating the first EP Summer's Gone.

I could not believe I had not heard the EP before coming across it, and was desperate to share it with the whole Stereofox gang as soon as I could. The EP is a refreshing experiment into the melodic electronic music. With that, add a blend of nice cut up vocals, and some big rhythmic bass, you find this energizing EP.

Both Catacombkid and BeachesBeaches have been in the scene a while, and I am sure not even they were expecting such a viral reaction to the release.

Without a doubt it was the soundtrack to the later parts of my summer, and with it being available for free from their website or SoundCloud, it was almost too good to be true. The success also gave Odesza a chance for their first tour pretty soon after the release, finishing up in their home-town of Seattle.

They also recently posted on their Facebook page that they were already in the process of creating a second EP, which I am extremely excited about! There is not one track that I would skip on Summer's Gone, and with tracks such as "I Want you", I can't help but let out a few two-steps standing at the bus stop.

So, I strongly recommend you keep an eye on these two Seattle boys, and definitely give their Summer's Gone EP a listen, you will not be disappointed! It's upbeat, and will keep your foot tapping all the way home

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