posted by Ivo
April 2015

Besides my obsession with Soulection, Flow-Fi are the other dudes which are doing seriously hell of a job and a collective to be looking up to!

One of their additions - Benin-born producer Rvdical The Kid who I introduced to you few weeks ago just released his new album Carte Blanche and well, based on a few listens already its definitely one of the music highlights this week!

Carte Blanche is an amazing fusion between trap, ambient electronics, chillwave and... you know - everything in between. "Miles Away" is the perfect track to space out on a chilled night! In general, the whole EP is a from-to kind of record and the 2 collaborations with aywy. and Maesu are also pretty... dope?

The release was initially meant to be 4 tracks long EP which was supposed to be released last year as a "Thank you" for all the support the producer received after his laptop was stolen. However, I guess it eventually it grew to what we're listening today... and even better!