posted by Noemie
September 2014

Slow Magic's How to Run Away is one of my most awaited releases of the month - and there are a lot in September!

Two years after Triangle, our beloved imaginary friend issues his sophomore album on Downtown Records.

How to Run Away softly opens on piano notes evolving in a Cashmere Cat-like drop. Then the familiar percussions shyly come up on "Still Life". The song is really dreamy, yet I find myself a little bit at lost, not really recognizing the mesmerizing universe I fell in love with. The opening song is followed by 3 tracks which you might be familiar with already:  "Girls", "Waited 4 U" and "Hold Still".

Somehow How to Run Away appears to fit more in clubs than Triangle - even though I did discover Slow Magic in a club. So far, the tracks are more danceable than previous works, using elements of Deep House & UK Bass, electro drops, and repetitive choruses.

Slow Magic's recognizable touch is still perceptible through the use of percussion of course. However I could use some more drumming. Finally, the drumming I expected gives rhythm to "Youth Group". This might ring a bell to some of you as the song has been available on Slow Magic's soundcloud for a year now.

"Let U Go" sounds as calm and resolve as the title suggests. It's a synth-pop instrumental track that will suit your insomniac moments. "Manhattan" is basically a reworked version of "Moon" which featured on Triangle. It keeps the dreamy vibes of the original track but enriches it with deeper layers, which gives the output a more darker atmosphere. "On Yr Side" is the logical prequel of "Let U Go", following the same structure.

Again, you might know the song if you are an old Slow Magic follower.

"Bear Dance" adds something shamanic to the record. It's dark and catchy, soulful and vibrant. It is followed by "Closer". This song feels cozy and magical, exactly what I was longing for all along.

Finally I am a bit disappointed by this album. How to Run Away fails to surprise me and transport me to Slow Magic's universe. I have the impression that the songs were put together hastily, mixing old tunes with new ones. I like each songs separately, however I don't think they are arranged coherently throughout the album.

Nonetheless, I'm still looking forward to catching him on the Set It Off European Tour - along with Craft Spell, Odesza, Yung Gud... - because he is purely amazing live.

Catch him if you can too!

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