posted by Ivo
January 2016

As I mentioned in my previous post from a few days ago - Tycho has and will be shaping music for years. However, now it's time to look beyond the art of Scott and focus on 9 other amazing artists who have shared with us their vision on Awake. If you haven't had the chance - stream and read the review of the original record here.

15th of January marks the official release of Awake (Remixes) via Ghostly International - one of the most hard working and admirable labels right now.

So, a lot of the remixes have been gradually released over the course of the last year and ofc we managed to catch up on most of them. It's really hard to say which ones are my favourite as all those artists have very different approach on how to span out of the original composition.

I really feel I should give credit to each and everyone on the people behind this seriously amazing release - Com Truise, Christopher Willits, Dusty Brown, Nitemoves, Beacon, RJD2, Bibio, Baio and Few Nolder.

The tracks which are new for me are "L" by Dusty Brown, Dye by Nitemoves and Few Nolder's sweet techno/electro rendition of "Montana".

Not a fan of the track-by-track review, plus we've written or singled out a lot of these tracks before. I just would like to focus on the incredible depth of electronic music and technology nowadays. Take the original Awake, listen to it. Then go for the remixes. While a lot of the elements and messages of the original soundscapes are being preserves, personally I had a feeling of exploring a whole new album ahead of me.

The thing I like the most is the very polar vibes from various remixes. Take Bibio's remix of "Spectre" which is somehow very vintage and ... Beacon's re-work of "See". So polar, yet somehow interconnected.

Also, the fact that so many talented people have taken someone's work and put effort and passion into it - must be so heart-warming. I can only imagine the Tycho team's honour.

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