posted by Nora
June 2022

Stereofox presents the marvellous adventures of the Beat Queens!

Fourteen brave female producers conquering the music-verse with their fantastic beats, having one common goal – to prove that talent has no gender or skin colour!

The Beat Queens compilation is meant to help spread the word and make female producers more visible and thus inspire more women/non-binary individuals to follow their passion for music. Part of a much bigger Stereofox initiative – Women In Music (launched in 2021), the idea for the project came right after Stereofox’s research on female producers/beatmakers and the realization that female creators tend to experience certain difficulties in getting enough exposure for their music, as well as often face prejudices.

Following the Beat Queens playlist, with a focus on instrumental hip hop music by female producers, this release marks another attempt to contribute to a positive change toward better representation, bigger visibility and more equality for female creators in the music industry. Besides showcasing female talent on the music side, the visuals were also created by female artists. In addition, to address the gender pay gap, which is another serious issue, occurring well beyond the music industry, Stereofox symbolically reduces its label cut to 20%, with 80% going straight to the producers. Lastly, any profits from the vinyl campaign will be donated to charity (collectively chosen by the producers), supporting an organisation that helps female creators grow and thrive.

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Beat Queens brings together 14 creators from all over the world: saaaz (UK), Alita Limona (Germany), Basmati /a.k.a Natasha Ghosh (Netherlands/India), Hippo Dreams (France/USA), Miyuki Kuzuoka (Brazil), v i v (Indonesia/Germany), Imelda Lizal (Indonesia), Rebecca Mardal (Sweden), Jeia (Indonesia/Canada), IzaBeats (Brazil), Nydia (USA), Moshun (USA), Gnarly (Sri Lanka/ Uk) and Sadiva (Australia).

Apart from producers/beat-makers, the artists on the compilation are instrumentalists, singer/songwriters and sound engineers. Some of them are already established names in the scene, others are still rising and developing their sound. The common thing between all of them is their love for music-making and their determination and perseverance, turning them not only into successful artists but also into inspiring role models for other female creators.

The compilation includes a big variety of beats, focusing, yet not being limited to lofi. From laid-back, introspective feels (“Sunrise”, “Sadness”, “First Frost”), moving guitar-driven tunes (“Hers”, “Synchronicity”, “What Happens If We Let Go”) and urban vibes (“Ce Soir Ou Jamais”, “Pedestrianstrut”, “Cosmos Alley”) to jazz-flavoured gems (“Orange Walk”, “Little Peace”, “Missed Call”) and upbeat sound (“Be Kind”).

Almost all tracks feature live-played instruments such as guitar, keys, ukulele, bass, percussion, saxophone, harp. Needless to say, this enhances their character, adding a warm, authentic flavour to the compositions. Each track carries the unique signature of the producer who made it, enriching the overall sound of the compilation. Besides showcasing the talent of the artists, it represents their desire to push their own boundaries and challenge themselves, constantly honing their craft, while exploring new territories. This ultimately turns Beat Queens into a real celebration of creativity, unity and free spirit!

The compilation is now available everywhere with the vinyl campaign already being launched! More things are coming, so stay in tune while enjoying the gorgeous vibes from the first volume of many to come!

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