posted by Axian
December 2020

Makzo's new EP Anecdotes is a reflection of personal experiences; a collection of real-life events transcribed into beautiful soundscapes. A lot of different moods are represented here, and as Makzo says himself;

It transitions from chill to sad, to upbeat. Every track captures a mood that is different from the last, each representing a part in, or a moment of, my life.

As a producer, Makzo wants to set himself apart from the general direction of the lo-fi hip-hop scene. He strives for a sound that he can call his own, and 'Anecdotes' is definitely a testimony to this statement. In his own words,

I'm challenging the conventional definition of lo-fi beats. It's more cinematic and energetic. It still has chill tones, but I would say there's a lot of unique aspects to it. A lot of strings, big swells, and deep soundscapes accompanied by thick punchy drums - just an overall journey.

Apropos journey, the underground hip-hop community has definitely grown a lot over these past few years. Producers have now entered the scene for good and can make a career for themselves independently or with labels. Yet, a lot of artists still get discouraged by working on maintaining social media and distributing music themselves because they feel a lack of payoff.

But if you ask Makzo for his recipe on how to achieve your goals it's quite simple actually.

Be consistent and network. That's it. There are a lot of things we can do ourselves these days as artists to promote and distribute ourselves. Instead of focusing on making it onto the playlists focus on your craft and the people you share this passion with.

It is essential that we artists look out for each other and support each other's craft and. This will help our community out a lot and there is so many things we can do for each other at the end of the day. So I encourage you to grab your favorite headphones, sit down, and immerse yourself in this beautiful experience.

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