Sometimes, it's really good to gain some perspective.

So stoked to welcome Alexander IV, the chillhop moniker of the outstanding electronic producer & drummer Feiertag, for his 2nd Stereofox release.

"Perspective" carries his already signature soulful vocal sampling & head-nodding beats, together with bright trumpets and warm pads. Another great example of his love for the classical instrumental hip hop sound.

As he shares about the title, "I made this track in a period where I had to put some things in perspective. When something bad happens that you didn’t expect, you realize what you have again and embrace this. It’s good to touch base again once in a while. I tried to translate that particular feeling to this track."

This beauty & "Don't Walk Away" will be part of the 4-track Signs EP, set to release in April 2023.

Play "Perspective" on repeat on your favorite platform here.

posted by Nasko
last month