Grab a cup of tea & snuggle with a blanket next to the fireplace or the window.

Alita Limona is back with the full Grandpa's Closet EP - a collection of 5 nostalgic, dreamy & vintage tunes. The German producer spent hours digging through '20s jazz vinyls & imagining what her grandfather's life would've been like - and the result is sample-based jazz lofi that will without a doubt make you reminisce about those golden years. Vinyl crackles, dusty production & melancholic piano intertwine to send you back in time.

She explains, “The idea for the EP started out as a side project while I was working on my debut album. I got lost in browsing through old jazz vinyls and absolutely fell in love with the sound and feeling they gave me. And I love Vinyl Crackles. Makes me want to cuddle up in a blanket and sit next to a fireplace with a good-smelling book. Working on it made me nostalgic and think of my grandfather a lot. I imagined the life he might have had when he was young. I pictured him as an actor in those old movies dressed in handsome vintage clothes hanging out in underground jazz clubs. I improvised vocals on some of the tracks and intuitively felt like singing them in the golden 20s style like Lana del Rey does. The songs are about love and the beauty of momentum before the speed and business of digital times.“

Grandpa's Closet EP is available on all platforms (including Bandcamp) here.

posted by Nasko
last month