Hi there, Internet stranger. Not sure about you, but I surely missed you.

After 5 weeks of complete and utter isolation from the Internet and Stereofox I'm finally back and it feels awesome to be able to write again. Colombia was great (if you're curious you can see some of the visuals below), but... I missed home and friends too.

I have to say - in the 6 years this project has been going, this is the longest I've been away from it and the team and it made me so happy to see everyone and everything running smoothly without me. This was one of my main goals in the past few years and I'm happy we've achieved it.

Now, enough with my blabbering - let's focus on the beauty crafted by our dear Lela. Hew new ambient guitar-driven single "Hollow Sea" is the perfect harbour for those looking for some zen before the holidays truly kick in. Cinematic soundscapes and touchingly emotional ambiance. A perfect fit for our Acoustic Escape playlist series.

This was a hidden track, collecting dust on Amparo's hard drive until the moment struck her how it paired perfectly with the dark and cold days of Sweden.

And something not that cold from my travels...

posted by Ivo
December 2019