In a swift follow-up to his debut Luminance EP, the emerging keyboardist/producer Anomalycircles shows no signs of slowing down his tremendous rise. He is back at it again, gracing the Stereofox label with his latest musical endeavor - the full Playground EP. The new mini-collection of beauties seems to be a continuation of his unique style and creative vision.

The whole EP represents a long-cherished concept that the Bulgarian producer had the privilege and pleasure to bring to life. The EP's overall look and sound is to re-create something understated, with a subtle touch of jazz elements, and feature the unique & recognizable piano sound that Denislav incorporates into his remarkable works.

The opening track sounds like an excellent introduction to the EP, but it also serves as the leading piece and gateway that perfectly encapsulates the carefree essence and atmosphere of the album. With its playful lead piano, mellow guitars, subtle vocal chops, and lush saxophone. It seems that Anomalycircles has successfully translated the joyful and untroubled atmosphere of a playground into this piece, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in its delightful energy.

Make sure to listen to the full EP. Stream/buy it here.

posted by Boris
November 2023