Hope you like jazzy keys.

One of the most talented musicians we've worked with, keyboardist & producer Anomalycircles, delivers his debut Stereofox EP called Luminance.

5 songs in his unique jazzhop aesthetic, including the previous singles "Casual" & "Prestige" which got amazing support from Apple & BBC6.

“Each of us experiences moments when we require flashes of light and luminance at different junctures in our lives, guiding us on our path forward. This EP encapsulates the phases I have journeyed through over the last six months. Even during instances when I felt adrift, the music’s radiant glow consistently illuminated the right path before me,” he shares.

"Missed You" is the opening song and has super captivating playful piano, dusty drums & gentle vocal samples.

Buy/listen to the full project here.

posted by Nasko
August 2023