“So Far Journey” is the first track of the long-awaited new album from the future soul and electronica duo Anushka Yemaya, out via our friends at Tru Thoughts.

Written by Victoria Port (singer/songwriter) as a “call to the ancestors”, the song explores coming back to yourself and who you truly are after a period of feeling displaced and lost. With astrally charged synths from Max Wheeler (producer), it sits alongside the cosmic love story of “You My Love” and the luminous “Serenity”.

The track is a sonic illustration of a bold heart, fluttering its wings vigorously, while its owner has taken a moment of contemplation. The snapshots of his journey, floating around his mind, examining the past, the changes within and the inner evolution that has taken place.

The unusual sound design, combined with the ever-astounding vocals of Victoria, make “So Far Journey” stand out from the others album tracks, but at the same time the song blends very well emotion-wise.

Enjoy the full beauty of Yemaya below:

posted by Nora
June 2021