arbour is a pure ace when it comes to soothing melodies and slowed down beats. We had the pleasure to work with the Portland-based producer as a label on his collaboration with imagiro "Nocturne" last year.

His new EPLakewood is a wonderful 5-track collection of melodies for a long drive outside of the city.

"We're all so isolated these days. All the music we've listened to in the past was the soundtrack to our lives, but in 2021, our lives are so much different than they've ever been before. I wanted to create a new soundtrack that can be healing for people who need support and understanding in these lonelier days. That's what this EP, Lakewood, is for.", shared the producer.

Relaxed yet uplifting. Sorrowful yet hopeful. Hit the play button and lose yourself in those sounds.

posted by Ivo
September 2021